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  1. Happiness is the purpose of life
  2. Don’t let anything undermine your happiness
  3. Happiness is not pleasure
  4. Happiness comes from: 1. Goodness, 2. Love, 3. Growth
  5. You are and feel what you think
  6. The most important human relationship you will ever have is with yourself –Don’t ever betray yourself
  7. There is Good and there is Bad
  8. You reap what you sow
  9. Be Honest, Open, and Frank
  10. Life is more about flying by the seat of your pants and solving challenges in the moment than it is about being safe
  11. You can be happy even though there are problems
  12. A successful life requires that you be flexible and adapt to situations
  13. Peace comes from the faith in oneself that no matter what happens you can handle it – that you will land on your feet
  14. Life is in the moment – live each moment the greatest you can and the future will be happy and great also
  15. Work before you play
  16. Success requires determination, endurance, and self-discipline
  17. Most of what we do is habitual, habit comes from repetition – develop good habits and character through practice (repetition)
  18. Practice being the kind of person you want to be right now
  19. Be dedicated to the higher road – what is right and true
  20. Create your future through imagination, planning and goal-setting
  21. Choice is power
  22. Wisdom is being able to anticipate consequences
  23. There is a God and he possesses all that is good and loving – you are His child and have Divine genetics
  24. Since you are going to have to go through life anyway you ought to fill it with humor, fun, love, goodness, and beauty
  25. Confidence and peace comes through courage – the facing of one’s fears
  26. Love is the only true power
  27. Love yourself and others equally
  28. Your environment and your friends have a large influence on who you are
  29. Freedom and liberty is achieved through maturity and character
  30. Character is greater than personality
  31. Empathy is the greatest social skill
  32. Control your emotions rather than letting them control you
  33. Care little about what others think of you
  34. Be flexible and adaptable to your environment and firm in your convictions
  35. You only have one life to live – live it well
  36. Watch others and learn
  37. Be curious
  38. Have a grateful and appreciative heart
  39. Love your body – exercise and eat nutritiously
  40. Look the best you can – take care of yourself, have a little class and self-respect
  41. Learn from the world’s greatest authorities – read books
  42. Character is not only about what you stand for, but also what you stand against
  43. You only have so much time – prioritize
  44. Be a humble yet relentless seeker of truth
  45. The truth shall set you free
  46. Be loyal to principle, yourself, and others
  47. You make yourself by the thoughts you choose to entertain
  48. Every thought and every word has power and a consequence
  49. There is content and delivery – delivery is more important
  50. Read books to learn from the world’s greatest minds
  51. Don’t run from problems – run to problems and solve them
  52. If you are not enthusiastic and passionate about something then you are wasting everyone’s time
  53. Simplify
  54. Have a positive mental attitude
  55. By their works ye shall know them
  56. Face your fears
  57. Looketh on the heart
  58. Be an honest and fantastic salesman
  59. Reflect the good in everyone you meet
  60. Be healthy and fit in all areas of your life
  61. If you are going to do it, do it well
  62. Be gentle, kind, humble, understanding, patient, tolerant, affectionate, and forgiving in your relationships
  63. Persuade
  64. You are never alone – connect with others