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We accept most major insurances (i.e. SelectHealth, DMBA, Tricare, etc.); however, different providers are covered on different insurance panels. When calling for an appointment, our intake coordinator will discuss which providers are covered on your insurance. We also have very affordable self-payment options that our intake coordinator can discuss with you.

Each visit is billed for one hour, although 45 minutes is spent face-to-face with the therapist while the other 15 minutes is spent preparing notes, billing statements, etc. Therefore, a typical appointment is 45 minutes with the therapist.

We can usually accommodate most patients within one week. However, some providers are booked out for much longer time periods because of issues such as insurance coverage, the services needed (i.e. assessment services), and treatment specialties.

We work with all age groups from toddler-age to late adulthood. Many of our therapists specialize in working with specific age groups.

The first visit consists of a clinical interview that the therapist uses to collect specific information about the patient. From this interview, a treatment plan is established to help the patient best address the problems they are seeking help for.

We do have on-call services for after-hour crises. Our after-hour answering service for our main office (801-221-0223) provides the number to reach the on-call therapist who will then contact the patient’s individual therapist. In case of an emergency, patients should call 911.

At Preferred Family Clinic, we have found that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been more effective for our patients than play therapy and is also strongly supported by research. Therefore, we have chosen to use CBT as our preferred mode of treatment over play therapy.

A psychologist is an individual who has received a Ph.D. in psychology and is licensed with the state to provide mental health services (i.e. therapy, assessments). A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who typical prescribes and monitors mental health medications.

We collaborate with many physicians, pediatricians, and family medical providers who provide and monitor medication while we provide therapy services. Research has shown that for many conditions, a combination of therapy and medication is the most effective course of treatment.

A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) is an individual with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and who is licensed to provide counseling services. A Psychologist has a doctorate (Ph.D.) in psychology and is licensed to provide many kinds of mental health services.

This depends on a number of factors including the condition for which you are seeking treatment, the amount of effort put in by the patient, the available resources to the patient. A clear discussion of this and treatment options should be made with your therapist.

We do have some therapists that work in the evenings. Please speak with our intake coordinator (801-221-0223) to discuss which therapists see patients in the evenings. We do not have any therapists that see patients on the weekends.

One of the most important factors predicting success in therapy is the relationship between the patient and therapist. We are committed to your successful treatment; therefore, if you do not feel like you can work effectively with your therapist, please feel free to talk to our intake coordinator about switching to a different therapist.

Periodically we do offer classes on topics such as parenting skills, ADHD, behavior problems in children, depression, etc. Please refer to our Programs and Classes page often as we will post these periodically.

Medicaid and Medicare have contacted services provided through Wasatch Mental Health. Therefore, patients with Medicaid and Medicare are referred to