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Description of Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is used for a number of purposes including treatment planning, diagnostic clarification, pre-employment screening, evaluation of cognitive functioning, etc. Testing typically involves interviews, completion of questionnaires, and tests administered by a clinician. The type and number of tests used depends on the referral question that is being investigated. Further, testing may be a brief, screening process, or a lengthy, in-depth process.

The Evaluation Process

Typically, psychological testing begins with a clinical interview in which the individual being tested is able to explain their symptoms or life circumstances. The next step is administration of a battery of tests designed to answer the specific question of why the person was referred. Following completion of the testing, the results are analyzed and written into a report. For many evaluations, a feedback session where the results are explained is included.

What to Expect

If you are referred for testing and an interview has already been conducted, plan to come to the clinic for 2-3 hours to complete the prescribed tests. Many tests cannot be completed outside of the clinic because of test security. You can bring food to eat, breaks can be taken as needed. If necessary, testing can be completed over multiple days although this is not optimal. A feedback session can be scheduled as soon as one week later.

Pricing and Insurance

Unfortunately, many insurances do not cover psychological testing, although some do. Therefore, Preferred Family Clinic offers very reasonable prices for those who have to pay for these services out of their pockets. A list of services and prices can be found here. We are also happy to help individuals complete the necessary forms and paperwork in order to be compensated by their insurance companies. In most cases, assessments must be approved and/or paid for prior to release of the testing results.

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