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Research showed last week that the average kid spends 53 hours a week with electronic media / entertainment.

Martin Seligman, Ph.D., a premier psychologist and researcher found that to much leisure time creates depression.

Some of the greatest longitudinal research in child psychology out of Harvard University found that there was one thing parents could do to raise happy, healthy, successful kids. This one thing was more powerful than education, intelligence, socioeconomic status or ethnic background. That one thing was: WORK!

We have found that striving, working and accomplishing is essential to happiness and success. I have hired numerous employees and I have found that if I can find a person who worked as a kid, then I have found a goldmine in an employee.

Harvard found that chores, hobbies, sports, musical instruments are all helpful. Now all of this needs to be done in moderation, I have also seen kids who are so busy that they burn-out early in life. Moderation is the key! Kids can have too much leisure time or they can be too busy. Parents, use your best judgement.

Kids learn to be good workers through working; how to be responsible through being responsible. Harvard also found that working outside of the home was more helpful than working in the home. It would be smart for your neighbor to hire your kids to do their yard work and you to hire your neighbor’s kids to do your yard work. Work is powerful in helping to create happy, healthy, successful kids.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Randy Hyde